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    Two OBP Decals (As seen on the video at the bottom of this page) $10 (+$1 shipping) _______________________________________ Generic OBP T-Shirt $15 (+$5 shipping) Size Large $15.00 USD X Large $15.00 USD XX Large $15.00 USD     HATS!  I BET YOU WANT HATS!  I’LL MAKE SOME UP BUT NOT YET.  IT’S PART OF THE …

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    We are a little flying troupe that has developed in the rolling hills of Eastern Ohio.  Our exploits take us throughout the vast USA. We are mostly known for our video vignettes.

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      Give Greg a shout via email.   gregswingle@gmail.com

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    It’s sort of under construction… The videos linked at the top right of the site.  There are many. In fact there are too many. Once you click on one of them, they are also listed along the bottom right.